среда, 12 июня 2013 г.

Back home

We went to visit my Grandparents, who live near the Black Sea.
I live there when I was child and now I'm coming back every spring.

We didn't take any digital camera with us.
Only Bronica and sketching tools.
And I made some Instagram photos with my smartphone. (I'm mahasitha there)
It was amazing three weeks I spend with Martha and Olex together.

In Grandparents house I found 40 years old drawing paper and pastels which were my birthday present when I was five. And many other amazing old things with history.

Martha found my old hat and put it on all the time. She even ate with this hat on :-)

And she brings life to some of my sketches :-)

I didn't use Internet for all the time we were there (exept instagram:-)) and I made many-many sketches.
You can find them on my flickr

Thank you for reading me :-)

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