пятница, 27 сентября 2013 г.


My grandparents is like other pair of parents for me.
They live near the Black sea.
I lived with them three years after the Chernobyl disaster. And after that every year during summer holidays.
So almost 1/3 of my life I spend with them.
This year they turned 87.
I'm very close with my Grandpa. We wrote paper letters to each other until he blind.

And I made two charcoal sketches of them when I visit them this year.

пятница, 20 сентября 2013 г.

Old things

I adore old things and books. 
In my grandparents apartment there are many things with history.
I like to touch them and trying to imagine the past of that things. 
Real time machine!

And, off cause, I like to draw them :-)

среда, 18 сентября 2013 г.

Back home

We are home!
It was amazing long summer. And now I am ready to fall in Fall. :-)

I have a lot of sketches and watercolors from our travel, so I will show them piece by piece.
I scanned my sketchbook first, so lets start from sketches of the Black Sea :-)

The last sketch is about diver, who suddenly comes up to the surface right in front of us. Martha was surprised :-)