воскресенье, 30 августа 2009 г.

Other Space travel photo

Through time and space by the train.

for this collage I used pics from russian Popular Mechanics magasine

четверг, 27 августа 2009 г.

young to old and back

Street photo from Korostyshev (Ukraine).

среда, 19 августа 2009 г.

четверг, 13 августа 2009 г.

суббота, 8 августа 2009 г.


I like to draw anatomy.
I have a few medical books to see how do I look inside.
May be it's a strange thing about me, but when I see anatomy pics I understand how grate is our God, who create us. Really.


воскресенье, 2 августа 2009 г.

The first travel around the Sun

The card for my husband on our first wedding anniversary :-)