четверг, 30 октября 2014 г.

about Paris

The l'Insitut français d'Ukraine held a drawing competition about Paris.
I decided to participate and I've won!

I've never been to Paris. All my ideas of that city gleaned from books and movies. Especially from Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast". So when I will go to Paris at last I'll get Paris syndrome.. :)
So I didn't want to draw an Eiffel Tower or other most expectable place. I wanted to catch the atmosphere of the city (or actually of the Hemingway's book :-)), so I draw a famous Parisian bookstore.


And here is my trophy:

пятница, 24 октября 2014 г.

Inctober. vol 2

Here is some new inktober drawings.

вторник, 14 октября 2014 г.

Inktober 2014

About two weeks ago I read about amazing funny challange named "Inktober".
And I decide to participate this year.

And here is first part of my drawings

понедельник, 13 октября 2014 г.

пятница, 3 октября 2014 г.

My trip to Lviv

Last month I went to Lviv Book Forum.
This is the biggest book fair in Ukraine, so I went there to meet people, to look what is going on with the illustration industry here, in Ukraine, to buy new books for me and for Martha and to walk the narrow streets of Lviv. And to sketch a lot.

Lviv is an amazing city. One of my favorite.

There are some photos in my instagram.
And here are my sketches:

понедельник, 29 сентября 2014 г.

365 Days of Type

Last week I decided to get involved in a project of Sabrina Smelko "365 Days of Type"
I choose number 271 and draw an illustration on it.
Here it is.

среда, 13 августа 2014 г.

Playground sketches

Last days I decided to take my sketchbook when I take Martha to the playground.
Here is some fast sketches of the kids.

четверг, 3 июля 2014 г.

Sketches from our sketch crawl

Last Saturday we had a sketchcrawl with our Urbansketchers Ukraine regional group.

And here are my sketches:

вторник, 20 мая 2014 г.

Horse and rain

Yesterday I draw this little horse with watercolor and ink.

It was raining week so we can't play outside a lot. So we played together, read a lot of books and draw together.

But the most wonderful thing about rain are puddles. So after rain Martha jumped in every puddle on her way :-)

By the way, my instagram is mahasitha
Feel free to follow :-)

суббота, 3 мая 2014 г.


Last week my Mom came to studio with me. She wanted to start a new painting. 
I make two sketches of her when she paints.

четверг, 17 апреля 2014 г.

"Let's pack the suitcases"

I love to travel. This is my favorite way to rest and get some inspiration. 
Last few years I can't travel too often and too far away from home.
But I hope next year will be more fruitful for travelings :-)

And my last painting is about that.

среда, 16 апреля 2014 г.

"Play with me"

Martha is my inspiration.
This is my third oil painting of her.

пятница, 4 апреля 2014 г.

Upside down book

New pages of my Upside down book:

понедельник, 31 марта 2014 г.

Chess players in the park

Yesterday I came to Shevchenko park to sketch chess players. They come to this park every weekend to play chess for years and years. Almost all of them are pensioners and chess is there hobby.
Some of them bring there grandchildren and teaches them to play.
During years ago they played on the park benches, but now, after reconstruction, there are special chess tables in that corner of the park.
Very interesting people.
Hope to sketch them more some day.

среда, 26 марта 2014 г.

Sleeping hare

I decide to repaint some of my illustrations into watercolor paintings for children room.
My first "Sleeping hare" I gave as present for my little niece.
With that frame it looks nice, isn't it? ;-)

понедельник, 24 марта 2014 г.

вторник, 18 февраля 2014 г.

Illustraion about Nina

Since I've finished "Mathematics for kids", I'm working on my children illustrator portfolio.
I found an amazing Ukrainian children poet, who lived in the middle of  XX.
His poems are funny and edifying.

Here is one about one disorderly girl named Nina.
She wanted to sew something, but lost her needle.
But when she found her needle, she sow that now she lost her thread.

I think this poem is about me :-)

I draw two version of illustration. And don't know what is better.

суббота, 15 февраля 2014 г.

An endless book

In beginning of the year I've start a new project.
Here is site of the project http://endless-book.floaty.de/
And Flickr community http://www.flickr.com/groups/endless_book/pool/with/12498409325/
During whole year every week I will draw one page of an endless book.
The main condition is that first page flows into the next.
And after one year I will have 52 pages of Japanese horizontal emakimono book.

Here is pages 1 and 2


среда, 22 января 2014 г.


I can't show pictures and write positive messages.
There are horrible doings in my country, Ukraine.
That thing begins like a peaceful protest now grows into the real street war between protesters and police. Three people dies. Two of them was shot. Shot by police.
Hundreds are injured.
I just can't believe this happens in my country, in my city...

You can read about Ukraine here

понедельник, 6 января 2014 г.